Bari Tea Brewery

Bari [baa-ree] is Northumbrian for lovely and perfectly describes our range of loose leaf teas, our Tea Brewery depot in Northumberland and our enthusiastic Bari team.

You can browse our tea collection, buy loose-leaf tea and our faff-free north American tea filters, and apply to become a Bari trade partner.

Check out our Northumberland Bari Breakfast Tea here, now exclusively blended in our Amble-by-the-Sea Bari depot.

Amble Bari Tea Brewery depot

All our gorgeous teas are available to buy 24/7 here, either with delivery or to click and collect from our Amble depot at 6D Coquet Estate, Amble-by-the-Sea, Northumberland NE65 0PE.

Please click here for our Amble depot opening times and contact details.

Alnwick Bari Tea Brewery store

Our bricks ‘n mortar store in Alnwick is now CLOSED.

As we reached our 10-year anniversary, we decided to take advantage of a break clause in the shop lease.

This is so we can focus on Bari’s expanding online and trade tea business and develop our own blends such as our exclusive Northumberland Bari Breakfast Tea.

Thanks to all our bari visitors who have supported us this last decade. We made many new friends there.

Tea Brewery

Tea Brewery

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Buy Our Tea

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Sell our Tea

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