About us

Bari – it’s Northumbrian for ‘lovely’.

We think our name describes our gorgeous teas and our contemporary, award-winning Tea Brewery in Northumberland.

Tea is what we’re all about and we bring you over 30 quality loose leaf teas from around the world, via our Tea Brewery depot in Amble-by-the-Sea, through the magic of online, or through our network of handpicked Bari partners who serve a selection of our teas in their cafes, hotels and B&Bs.

We’re an independent business that believes there’s a tea for everyone. An essential indulgence, our loose leaf teas are best used with our bleach-free, faff-free, compostable tea filters.

All our teas proudly carry Ethical Tea Partnership accreditation. Check out the Bari Tea Brewery’s range of tea here.