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Northumberland Bari Breakfast Tea
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Our exclusive Northumberland breakfast fine-leaf loose tea blend. 

Like Northumberland, our unique Bari Breakfast tea blends characteristics of Scottish breakfast and English breakfast teas, demonstrating the strength and depth of an English Breakfast, with a hint of the smoky, peaty notes of a drier, lighter Scottish Breakfast tea. A true Northumbrian, blended at our Bari Tea Brewery in Amble-by-the-Sea: Bari [“baa-ree“] is lovely in Northumberland.


Brew 1 tsp per cup (2 tsps for mug / small teapot) in fresh, boiling water for 3-5 mins. Due to the fine-leaf nature of this tea, we recommend using our faff-free compostable tea filters to brew your brew.


(Key: Suggested serving b=black, m=milk or l=lemon)


Assam, Kenyan, Ceylon and China black teas

BULK TEA – BUY 500g, get 20% DISCOUNT

Our 500g bag is usually only available to our Trade Customers. However, if you would prefer this bulk bag, you save us money in packaging and label printing, which we pass on to you! Comes in a resealable, airtight pouch, with a recommended shelf life of up to 2 years.

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Trade Clients

Become a Bari partner to sell our teas

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